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Captain Frank and Nikki were great! We sailed as a part of a father/son 60th and 30th birthday celebration. We had been to New Orleans many times, so I wanted to incorporate an excursion on this trip to make it extra special. Sail NOLA didn’t disappoint! We learned about sailing, had mimosas and a cheese and meat plate, and enjoyed a beautiful morning on the water! This is a perfect activity for any age and a great way to enjoy a different part of NOLA. Highly recommend!
— Elizabeth Henson
Only recommendation I would give to anyone looking for a unique, private, exhilarating experience on the water in or around NOLA! Did not quite know what to expect, having never been on an excursion like this before; but the entire group of us walked away feeling all bases were covered. Captain Frank is a natural host, extremely knowledgeable and friendly! All previous reviews I’ve read were 100% consistent with our experience! Thanks Captain Frank!
— Kiel Couvillon
August 26, 2018 was a special evening for me and my 6 guests. I was celebrating my 60th birthday in New Orleans. I wanted to do something extraordinary away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Captain Frank Jones and his daughter Nikki made my birthday weekend very special. The guests thoroughly enjoyed the peacefulness of the Lake and the skill of the captain. We were treated to quite the sunset in the end. I highly recommend a sail on Lake Pontchartrain with Captain Frank Jones. It will be a memorable trip
— Terry Weidner
I have over 15,000 blue water miles, but still, I was so pleasantly surprised when my family booked Capt Frank and Float On for my birthday. I had been wanting to get my 3 year old Grandson initiated in some way to sailing, not to mention getting back in the cockpit to read the “telltales” again. Both Frank and the boat were Ship-shape and Bristol fashion and every minute was an exhilarating joy and pleasure. He allowed me to take the helm from start to finish. His demeanor as a Captain is also first class and always supportive, instructive and complimentary. I asked him for a job, right then and there ! I highly recommend Sail NOLA to both experienced and novice sailors, as the experience will stay with you forever.
— Howard Couvillon
Thanks to Captain Frank! We had wonderful time aboard, and can’t wait to go again.. Captain Frank is very patient and all around wonderful teacher... we had lunch and drinks aboard to add to this dreamy experience...highly recommend and look forward to going again soon!
— Brenda Dushek
We spent a terrific morning with Captain Frank on Lake Pontchartrain! In addition to being a fine sailor and teacher, Captain Frank is a terrific guy. My wife, a friend, and I went out for a sail on the lake. While my wife and I were interested in simply enjoying some time on the water, our friend, who has some sailing experience, was keen to take the wheel. Captain Frank guided her expertly and our pal was elated, (as were we - smooth sailing). Thank you Captain Frank!
— Joe Waks
My fiancé and I took an afternoon cruise with Frank. He was so friendly and accommodating. He even gave us a quick lesson about some of the basics of sailing. He is a great teacher. The cruise is very romantic and lovely for a couple but would be lots of fun for a group as well.
— Katie Schier
We really enjoyed our afternoon sail. The wind was just right and it felt like we had the whole lake to ourselves. Capt Frank was gracious and kind enough to let our teenage boys take the helm and learn about sailing. All round delightful experience for the whole family!
— Jen Proffitt
Frank was such a pleasure to work with and made my dad’s birthday sail an experience we will treasure forever! We had a large group and Frank was attentive and accommodating the entire time... even allowing my dad, who sailed years ago, to take the helm and show off for his family. I would highly recommend anyone who is looking for the opportunity to sail to work with Frank and Sail Nola. Wonderful experience!
— Ande Couvillon
We had a wonderful Saturday sail with Sail Nola. Captain Frank is a joy to be around. He was kind to our kiddos and let them sail the boat. He is an excellent sailor and we feel very comfortable with him as our captain. Being out on the lake is a sublime way to get away and enjoy a sunset, birds’ singing and the wind in your hair.
— Jamie Laurie
Sailing with Capt Frank was a pure delight. The whole experience was great from start to finish. I especially enjoyed being able to take the helm and experience some nice winds on the Lake. Capt Frank has a pleasant and calm manner which is always a bonus when sailing!
— Ciel Lawrence
I had the opportunity to get my first sailing class with Captain Frank, and it is definitely where you want to start if you are considering sailing. He is very encouraging person, and puts you at the helm from the beginning. I have learnt a lot for a first class, and will definitely come back to learn more.
— Omar Jebari
Parts of my vacations the past few years have been spend sailing on a small sailboat, which I have enjoyed. I have been looking to buy a larger boat, but was concerned that my wife might not enjoy sailing as much as I do. In March of 2018, we were visiting New Orleans and had limited time available for a sailing lesson.
Frank was incredibly flexible in scheduling the lesson to accommodate our travel plans and to assure the possible weather conditions for sailing. We spent a wonderful Easter Sunday afternoon on Lake Pontchartrain. The weather turned out to be perfect and my wife had a wonderful learning experience. Frank was patient, very knowledgeable and did not overwhelm her with information. My wife did all of the sailing from taking the boat out of the slip, going through many sailing maneuvers and then returning the boat back into the slip. We both highly recommend people interested in learning to sail to sign up for a lesson with Frank Jones. Thanks so much Frank! We are going sailboat shopping!
— Tom and Vicki Ortlieb
Just do it. If you’ve always been curious about sailing and what it must feel like to move with nothing but the wind, there is no time like the present. The session is immediately hands on and informative. Cap’n Frank is a teacher, and within three hours you will have a feel for helming the boat and a knowledge of basic points of sail and tacking. Once you’ve seen it and felt it, any reading or online study you do about sailing will make so much more sense. My second lesson is coming up and I can’t wait.
— Anthony Marble
Frank is AMAZING! We had such a good time doing a sunset cruise while on a girl’s trip to NOLA. He was so accommodating and let us bring our own cake and decorations. The boat cruise was definitely the highlight of our experience! Would absolutely recommend! :)
— Tanvi Mago
This was honestly a SUBLIME experience. Frank was an absolutely incredible host — so amazingly accommodating and genuinely invested in us having an wonderful time. We hosted a surprise birthday for a friend on his boat, and it couldn’t have been a more phenomenal experience. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!
— Maahika Srinivasan
The sunset cruise with Frank was such an amazing and memorable experience. We celebrated my best friends 25th birthday and Frank was so accommodating and allowed me to decorate his boat!!! We couldn’t have asked for better weather to sail. It was so picture perfect...popping champagne, listening and dancing to music and ending the day with the most spectacular sunset. Highly recommend Sail NOLA - Frank is just the sweetest and will make sure you have a great time!
— Niyata Singh
Sunset cruise with Frank was a great expereince from start to finish. He really went out of his way to ensure our first sailing adventure was a memorable one - all in a relaxed, informative, safe, competent manner. Highly recommended as we had a great time and are now looking forward to lessons aboard Float On with Frank soon.
— Ned Dekerlegand
We had a great time with Captain Frank. He has an easygoing nature, and he was very comfortable with teaching us some sailing techniques, which made the rise more enjoyable for us. We can see he has much experience and is able to deal with any circumstances that may arise, so you will feel confident in your safety with him.
— Supreeya Scarmuzza
We had a lesson with Sail Nola and it was an incredible experience. The conditions were perfect for a day of sailing. I would highly recommend having a lesson with captain Frank if you are thinking about learning how to sail
— Amber Battaglia
Sailing with Frank was a great experience. Frank is friendly, easy to communicate with before we met him and also helped with some great tips to make our trip to New Orleans great. On top of this, he has a beautiful sailboat and allowed my wife and I to sail it from start to finish while teaching us the ins and outs of sailing. I would highly recommend booking Sail Nola for a great excursion. Thanks for a wonderful evening Frank!
— David and Michelle Faber
My daughter and I had a marvelous sail with Frank. He’s great at conveying his expertise while keeping the experience relaxed and enjoyable. He immediately put us to work sailing the boat. I highly recommended Sail NOLA for anyone interested in a cruise or a lesson or both.
— Bill and Rachel Russell
My husband took me for a sunset cruise on Oct. 27th. It was part lesson, part sightseeing, and all sailing fun. Captain Jones was patient, professional, and entertaining. We enjoyed his company, and hope to see him again sometime.
— Emily (and Orland) Woodward
Had a great time with Frank on the ‘Float On’! Lessons included some more advanced topics like emergency/troubleshooting and docking. Highly recommended for sailors of all skill levels.
— Jeff Fornadley
First sailing lesson for my wife’s birthday... Could not have been more impressed with Frank and his boat! Learned so much on our first lesson. My wife and I are hooked and we will be back for lesson #2 very soon. Thank you Frank for such a wonderful experience!
— Douglas and Mona McCrary
I took my girlfriend on a sailing lesson for two with Captain Frank and she had the time of her life. Captain Frank is easy going, patient, and professional. He made both of us feel comfortable in the boat and we had a blast sailing on a beautiful and windy day! We both highly recommend Sail NOLA, and are looking forward to our next lesson.
— James Bazan
Can’t say enough good things about Sail Nola! We had a private lesson with Capt. Frank and he made us feel completely at home and let us decide how much we were comfortable with taking on....I had so much fun...our three hours flew right by. I’ll be back!
— Amanda and Eric Stathes
What an amazing evening! My husband Frank surprised me with an anniversary sail with Captain Frank and it was fabulous from start to finish. We enjoyed sailing Lake Pontchartrain and sipping wine on this beautiful sail boat with Captain Frank at the helm. He was so professional and extremely knowledgeable with every aspect of this dream of a my lifetime to sail on a sailboat. We will come back again and again to enjoy this peaceful adventure and beautiful sunset. Totally relaxing and in love with sailing!
— Julie and Frank Jackson
Loved it!!”…“We took this excursion as part of a bachelorette party and it was - by far- my favorite part of the weekend.”…“I was in NOLA this past weekend for a bachelorette party, and we can all agree this was the highlight of our trip.”…”We had so much fun relaxing, watching the sunset on the water while drinking champagne, enjoying the view, and listening to some music.”…“Captain Frank was so knowledgeable and accommodating and very committed to making sure our party had a great time.”…”I can speak for our party when I say we highly recommend a cruise be added to your agenda when traveling to NOLA.”…”We had a blast! It was such an amazing time!
— Bachelorette Party
Took the sunset cruise with Frank and enjoyed it with my fiancé. Frank took care of us and took his time, nothing was in a rush. Will be going on another cruise with Frank again on my next trip to New Orleans. Well worth it.
— Mohammad Kavan
Sailing with Captain Frank is a blast. He is very knowledgeable, his boat is very clean and his calm demeanor really makes the sail both enjoyable and relaxing. My wife and I decided to take lessons to prepare ourselves for a bareboat charter we have planed in the BVI’s. After just a few lessons Frank has us sailing virtually un assisted. We plan to continue our lessons to fine tune our skills. We highly recommend anyone who is considering taking lessons or seeking a relaxing cruise to stop putting it off and contact Frank. You won’t regret it! Only regret my wife and I have is that we didn’t do this sooner!!!
— Logan Shreve
Captain Frank is as professional, pleasant, accommodating and most importantly, skilled, as you could ask for in a sailing instructor. He graciously scheduled a private lesson for us in a very narrow window of availability (on our part.) He went far beyond what should be expected to take us out on a particular day just before a major holiday. Captain Frank had both a neophyte and a student with more experience and knowledge, in the same lesson, yet accommodated both seamlessly. The Captain also communicates clearly, prior to the lesson, what you need to bring with you and what will be provided. He also keeps you informed regarding the best hours for sailing based on the weather and he updates you as warranted. The cost of the lesson was more than reasonable for the level of services and the time on the water. We have already made plans to book flights in from New Mexico, specifically to have lessons with Captain Frank again.
— Dana Davis
Recently my wife surprised me with sailing lessons, and I’m so glad she chose Captain Frank with Sail NOLA. Frank teaches on his 36’ Hunter Legend sailboat. It’s in great shape and the deck is clean. All the riggings were in good condition. Before shoving off he showed us the basic parts and procedures of the boat, including starting the engine and using the instrumentation. He gives learners the helm early to get them confident and comfortable. In the first lesson we covered topics including basic steering as well as important techniques such as tacking and heave to. Other topics included leaving port and docking the boat, right-of-way and basic knots. His calm demeanor led for a stress-free sail. His instructions were simple and he was open to questions. Overall it was a great lesson and we had a blast! We very much look forward to taking the next one soon.
— John Keife
Great time was had by our family yesterday. Frank was a wonderful host and guide for our family sunset cruise. We had next-to-no (really no) experience sailing and he was patient and happy to explain the operation of the sails and rigging and encouraged our 16 year old son to help and learn. Seeing the sun set over Lake Pontchartrain was a wonderful and beautiful experience and the picnic lunch in the cabin at the dock was a great capstone to the evening. We did this to celebrate our anniversary and certainly recommend the experience if you are looking for a memorable event. We will be back!
— Tony Richards
Take the Sunset Cruise with Captain Frank! You won’t regret it. Perfect for date night, birthdays, anniversaries etc. You choose your menu and alcohol. What could be more perfect?!?? We will be back with friends!
— Ashley Battaglia
I had a great experience taking sailing lessons from Frank with Sail NOLA. He waits for the perfect day and was very accommodating to my schedule. My lesson began as soon as I arrived, and I was put behind the wheel immediately. He was very knowledgeable and I learned a great deal.
— Kelly McHugh
Capt. Frank has a perfect disposition and temperament for teaching inexperienced but aspiring sailors like us. He was extremely patient with us, didn’t get mad or yell when we messed up and was clear when directing or explaining things to us. For us, repetition is key to learning and Capt. Frank kept us going over maneuvers time and again until we felt comfortable doing them. A lot was packed in our initial three hour session — so much so that I feel we could take the boat out on our own (in nice weather) and we’d actually be able to make it back to the dock. We’re definitely coming back for more.
— Michael Bono and Donna Sheffield
I bought a sailing lesson with Frank as a birthday gift to myself after years of wistfully watching the boats on Lake Ponchartrain and wishing I could be out there too. I had some basic sailing experience as a child with small boats but hadn’t sailed in many years. Frank was easily able to gauge my knowledge and comfort level and provide personalized instruction to help review old concepts as well as teach new ones. He was patient, calm and personable, all of which helped build my confidence and solidify that sailing is something I want back in my life!
— Laura Andrews
I booked a cruise with Sail NOLA for my wife’s birthday, and Captain Frank and his family ensured that our family had beautiful and memorable experience. From the initial communication, Frank was responsive and considerate. He monitored the weather and accommodated a quick change of schedule in order to ensure that we would have optimal weather.

Consistent with his responsiveness by phone and email, Captain Frank was punctual and ready for us when we arrived. The Float On was a beautiful, comfortable, and well-maintained vessel. Captain Frank was great with our 6-year-old son and 4-year-old daughter—even giving our son lessons on how to sail the boat. Capt. Frank was his newest hero (Our daughter was more interested in lounging.). Capt. Frank is easy to talk too, friendly, open, and unintrusive. We were all at ease and comfortable spending the afternoon with him.

We capped off the evening with a delicious catered meal from some of our favorite local restaurants, while watching the sunset from the sailboat. It was a beautiful, and much-needed break from the day-to-day—a great way to unwind. Highly recommended - can’t wait to do it again!
— Marco Balducci and Family
We took the private lesson with Frank. This was a quality experience. Frank is very personable and professional. Sailing can be an intimidating activity to pursue but Frank was very patient and did a thorough job of explaining the basics. He was ready to answer any questions we may have had in an easy to grasp way. The lessons are very hands on and allow for real practice behind the helm. The boat is a good size to learn on, allowing you to practice critical aspects of sailing. Would recommend Sail NOLA to anyone interested in sailing. We look forward to sailing again with Sail NOLA in the future.
— Seth and Clair Price
Everyone who has a remote interest in sailing but may be intimidated should book with Sail NOLA. My husband and I had very little experience with sailing before taking private lessons with Capt. Frank at Sail NOLA. Frank started the day by giving us a basic lesson on the terminology, equipment and safety principles. He then allowed us (with great instruction) to give it a try ourselves on day one. Having a patient, dedicated, thorough instructor made the experience truly a one of a kind! We even caught some frightening weather toward the end of our lesson but Capt. Frank handled it with great expertise. We look forward to our future in sailing thanks to Frank!
— Tiffany and Luke DeLouise
My family recently sailed with Sail NOLA on a private charter and had an absolutely wonderful time! There were 4 adults and 2 young kids in our group and Captain Frank made it a wonderful experience for all of us. His personality, demeanor, and patience were perfect for adults and young kids alike. He also did a tremendous job of making it interactive and extremely entertaining for our kids. They can’t wait to go sailing again! Additionally, the post-sailing picnic lunch was the perfect way to end such a great experience. It was all very enjoyable! I would highly recommend Captain Frank and Sail NOLA and I am looking forward to sailing with him again sometime soon for another charter or even sailing lessons on his beautiful boat.
— The Lefort Family
I have taken two private lessons from Frank. On the first I learned a lot; tacking, jibing, sailing to different points of the compass, and heaving to. The lesson was done in a very relaxed manner and very enjoyable. The second lesson was WOW!! Did all of the things I learned in the first lesson but this one was done in winds up to 27mph!!!! Most fun I’ve had with my pants on.
— Gary DeMarcay
Our family of five had an amazing time on a private sailing cruise from Sail NOLA during Spring Break! My husband and I got to relax and enjoy the calming sail, witness the joy our children felt from the experience, and engage in wonderful conversation with Captain Frank. Our 4-year old son couldn’t decide if he wanted to nap in my arms or watch for sharks and pirates — there were neither to be found! Our 8- and 7-year old daughters had a blast learning about sailboats and new lingo (which they were thrilled to share with friends once we returned home), and even getting to sail the boat!! The experience was a true pleasure for all of us and we can’t wait to go back again this summer.

We wholeheartedly recommend Captain Frank’s Sail NOLA for your own private cruise or sailing lessons. Be warned, as one of our children noted, your face may hurt from smiling too much!
— The Vidal Family
I had an amazing time learning to sail with Sail NOLA! Captain Frank is a wonderful person and a very patient and empowering instructor. He worked with my schedule and made sure we would have good lake conditions for each of my two sailing lessons. I had no prior sailing experience, but that was no problem. I learned how a sailboat works, the parts of the boat and how to sail safely. I got experience keeping the boat on course at the helm as well as working the sails while Frank steered. We had some fast winds during my second lesson and it was great to experience the boat going at top speed! I intend to continue boating with friends and I know I will feel comfortable and educated on board. I will definitely schedule refresher lessons with Sail NOLA before sailing trips in the future.
— Katy Riddle
Where to begin?.?........... First off, any notion of an authoritative skipper will be put to rest as soon as you meet Capt. Frank. He is punctual but also catered to a tardy student (me) without any gripes. Expect to be met with a warm smile and a basic rundown of all the safety equipment onboard, a keystone of any seasoned skipper. There are many skills to be learned with sailing and Mr. Frank let me set my own pace on tackling certain ones that I felt I needed more instruction and practice. A+ vessel and equipment beyond par from the normal weekend cruiser and an instructor who’s only concern, besides his vessel and passengers safety, is their enjoyment of the experience. Whether you plan on taking an enjoyable cruise on the lake or honing in on your sailing skills, Sail NOLA is capable of catering to all of your needs.
— Robert Lord
Wow. A wonderful experience and a talented instructor. My boyfriend and I took two lessons from Frank- zero sailing experience prior- Frank was patient, confidence-inspiring and fun to spend a day with. We had a tremendous time on his lovely boat and learned a great deal. No better way to spend an afternoon. Cannot recommend him highly enough.
— Alanna Rosenberg and Joe Kanter
After watching the America’s Cup for the first time about a year ago sailing was something that I couldn’t get off my mind. The idea of being out on the water and working both with and against the elements had a great allure and sense of adventure that couldn’t be denied any longer. I decided it was time to get out of my head and see if the reality of sailing was anything like what I had conjured up. After a quick Google search I found Sail Nola and consequently Frank. I shot Frank an email asking about availability. I also sent one to another company. Frank got back to me almost right away. The other company didn’t get back to me until the next afternoon and wasn’t extremely helpful in providing info when they did. My friend and I met Frank at the harbor in the morning and he methodically walked us through all the parts of the boat along with safety tips and some other great info. We took the boat out on a less than ideal day but still managed to have a great time learning the various points of sail and how to work with the wind. Frank is professional, knowledgeable, and personable. Thanks to him the reality of sailing was everything I hoped it would be. It’s because of this that we’ll continue to go out and learn from him instead of someone else.
— Dale Park
When my friend Phyllis decided to learn to sail, she asked me if I would take lessons with her on Lake Pontchartrain. She had chosen two days of private sailing lessons with Frank Jones as the instructor and thought it would be more fun if we both went. I’m an avid SCUBA diver and have always preferred being *in* the water, not *on* it. But I agreed to go to support her, having little expectation that I would find the experience particularly enthralling. Boy was I wrong! We were a couple of total newbies, somewhat nervous and apprehensive, but Frank’s friendly, personable demeanor and calm, patient, encouraging manner quickly instilled in us a confidence that we were sailing with a very experienced, knowledgeable instructor. My worries that our inexperience might somehow hurt the boat disappeared in the waft of information gently flowing from Frank. Not only does he know how to sail, he knows how to teach it! His enthusiasm for sailing showed through, and I found myself enjoying how relaxing it was to be out on the water, even with storms brewing in the distance. We were so relaxed, we sometimes forgot about the tiller and wandered off course, ha ha! Frank allowed Phyllis and me to practice tacking at our own pace, and after a few tries we found we could do it with ease and coordination. By the end of the first day, we could even tie our own knots! We had booked lessons for two days, but when they were done, I found myself wishing for more. I hadn’t thought I would enjoy sailing, but being on the water learning from Frank was an incredible experience, and I’m so grateful to my friend Phyllis for inviting me. I hope someday to take more lessons, and would definitely recommend Frank to anyone thinking about learning to sail. He’s awesome, not only as an instructor, but a great guy too.
— Phyllis Parun and Karen Doby
How much sailing experience do you have? What kind of boat do you want to sail? Even if your answers are “none” and “I don’t know,” Captain Frank will design and execute a successful instruction program for you, as he did for me. He knows the principles and techniques of wind, spars and rigging, knots, and piloting. He’ll teach you to deal with varying water and weather conditions. You’ll enjoy safe and fulfilling hours on the lake that you’ll be able to translate into independent sailing experiences. He’s smart and dedicated to introducing you to a rewarding new world.
— Jack Hopke
Our son had a wonderful time learning sailing for the first time under Frank’s caring and skillful guidance. He is an extremely competent instructor. After one week of sailing lessons, our son considers Frank a life-long sailing mentor and friend.
— Leslie and Neil Bacon
My niece and I had a wonderful time sailing for 5 days on the Irie. We were both beginners but by the end of the week felt very comfortable with our sailing skills! Frank is knowledgeable, patient and a great teacher. We learned a lot and worked hard, but our days were easy going, relaxed and FUN!
— Michelle Haggar (and Josie)
The confidence exuded by Mr. Jones made my first sailing experience both enjoyable and relaxing as I felt sure of his mastery. His reassuring instruction allowed me to sail by myself in a couple of days without fear as I knew he always had my back. This was particularly demonstrated during unexpected harsh storm conditions on the lake in which Mr. Jones acted with professional ease, guiding us back into safe harbor in the worst conditions he has faced. I fully appreciate the quality of Mr. Jones’ instruction and hope to sail with him again next summer.
— A.B. (16 yrs old)
Skills take time to learn and develop. Teaching is such a skill. So is sailing. Frank Jones has put in the time and effort necessary to learn how to teach, how to sail, and how to teach sailing. Frank is a colleague of mine at Tulane where he has a reputation among the students of being able to calmly explain the most complex of concepts in science (molecular biology), all the while being firm yet gentle. I had the opportunity to get a sailing lesson from Frank and got to see first-hand what the students had been talking about. Frank clearly knew his way around the boat and was able to explain to me, a complete novice, the fundamentals necessary to give me the knowledge and confidence to get my boat out in the lake and actually sail on my own. I have a very long way to go before I can even begin to say I know what I’m doing, but I’m very appreciative that Frank was there to give me that initial push off the dock.
— Jim Cronin
When my 11 year daughter wanted to learn how to sail - I wanted her to have the best instructor in NOLA. Someone that would take the time to create an individualized teaching method for a beginner. Frank Jones was that person. He started with the basics and after the first lesson she had enough confidence to tack the sailboat. Frank’s methods covered a range of check list items for beginners (sailing knots, taking the helm, raising and lowering sails, etc.). However, he also educated my daughter in the areas of preparation, safety, prevention, and problem solving. The experience really allowed her to interact with the sailboat and to gain hands-on experience. Overall, he made the lesson fun and exciting. She can’t wait until the summer to have another sailing adventure!
— Audrey Torres
I’ve always been a water person, but never felt comfortable on a sailboat. Frank’s sailing lessons gave me the vocabulary and the skills I needed to really understand sailing. Now my husband and I are shopping for a boat!
— Andrea Spreter