The Mission at Sail NOLA

Personalized and Rewarding Instruction is the Goal

Private lessons for sailors at any skill level are designed to build sailing confidence for students from 12 years old to adults. Previous sailing experience is not necessary. The private lesson allows for the optimal personalized instruction with a focus on the specific personal goals and abilities of the sailor. Sailing can be a physically and mentally demanding sport. Importantly, during the private lesson the student sailor will only be challenged to his/her personal comfort level. During each private lesson Captain Frank makes every effort to satisfy the personal goals of the student sailor.

Private Lessons

Lake Sailing and the Advantage of Sail NOLA Private Lessons

At Sail NOLA we understand that your time and money are valuable so we make every effort to maximize your sailing experience. Sailing conditions on Lake Pontchartrain are often excellent and exciting but are notoriously unpredictable. For this reason Sail NOLA does not offer a "schedule" of classes for Private Lessons. Rather, we offer lessons 7 days a week from 8 am to dusk to fit the student's schedule. To give our students the best learning and sailing experience possible we follow weather conditions on the lake and identify days/times predicted to provide the optimal sailing experience. The advantages of Sail NOLA Private Lessons lie in our flexibility to select the best sailing conditions to suit both the student's sailing goals and schedule.

What to expect with Private Lessons from Sail NOLA

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All Private Lessons are one-on-one instruction and provided year round 7 days a week from 8 am to dusk.

"Private" Lessons for two people or more can be arranged at a discounted rate.

Typically a student can skipper and sail our 36 ft Hunter "Float On" after only two Private Lessons. Discounted two Private Lesson packages are available.

Private Lessons are two hours and thirty minutes in duration.

Captain Frank will select the best sailing conditions, to fit your schedule, for a rewarding Private Lesson experience.

If conditions on the day/time selected for the Private Lesson are not suitable for sailing, the lesson will be rescheduled free of charge.

There are no set lesson times. Captain Frank will book your lesson to fit your schedule 7 days a week.

Once purchased, lessons never expire.

Private Lessons on your vessel can be arranged.

Private Lesson Fees

Individual Private Lessons are $225 for one lesson or $400 for two lessons.

Two person Private Lessons are $325 for one lesson or $600 for two lessons.

A Private Lesson Registration Form with all pricing options will open using the link below.

Private Lesson Registration Form

Combination Private Sailing Lesson/Cruise

Sail NOLA also offers a unique opportunity for you to learn to sail Float On with Private Lessons then invite your family and friends for a cruise with you as skipper and Captain Frank as your first mate. A perfect way to introduce your family and friends to the world of sailing while developing your sailing skills.  The cruise can be booked anytime after the lesson(s).

Once purchased the Lesson/Cruise combination never expires.

Individual Private Lesson and a two and a half hour Private Cruise with four guests is $450 or $600 for two Private Lessons and the Private Cruise.

Two person Private Lesson and four person Private Cruise is $600 or $800 for two, two person, Private Lessons and the Private Cruise.

A Combination Private Lesson and Sailing Cruise Registration Form with all pricing options will open using the link below.

Combination Private Lesson and Sailing Cruise Registration Form

A Private Lesson Registration Form or Combination Private Lesson and Sailing Cruise Registration Form and fees must be received prior to booking lesson time. Contact Captain Frank Jones at to book your private sailing lesson.

Gift Certificates are Available for Private Sailing Lessons and the Combination Private Lesson/Cruise.

Build Your Sailing Resume at Sail NOLA

What is a Sailing Resume?

A sailing resume is used to document your sailing experience and is required by ALL Sailboat Charter Companies and this documented experience is considered by ALL Sailboat Charter Companies as MORE important than Sailing Certifications. The most efficient way to build and maintain a sailing resume is to record all sailing experiences in a Sailing Log Book. The Sailing Log Book will include details including, but not limited to, departure and arrival ports, wind direction and speed, vessel type and size, any navigation notes while underway, and your specific activities or responsibilities while underway. At Sail NOLA we have designed a detailed Sailing Log Book suitable for sailors at all experience levels. Each Sailing Log Book is only $14.99 with FREE shipping and can be ordered on our Merchandise page.

Are Sailing Certificates Worth Your Time and Money?

Many students shopping for sailing lessons ask about the benefits of Sailing Certificates. They are often surprised to hear that certifications are not required for sailing their own vessel or when chartering a sailboat. At Sail NOLA we do not offer ASA or US Sailing certificates for two major reasons: First, we believe that our students would find the ASA and US Sailing certificate curriculums too limited in scope and too expensive. The vast majority of our students are interested in pursuing their dream of sailing a large Ocean Cruiser similar to our 36 ft Hunter “Float On”. Using their experience at Sail NOLA, our students can build their Sailing Resume to charter and skipper Ocean Cruisers on sailing vacations in the Caribbean (See our Caribbean Charter Course page). Because certification programs such as ASA 101 and 102 have a curriculum limited to small keelboats, students invest considerable time and money ($800-$1200) and never get behind the wheel of an Ocean Cruiser. We believe the extra time and expense to obtain certificates would only significantly delay or make prohibitively expensive the pursuit of their dream sailing adventures. Second, sailors directly benefit from building a Sailing Resume. We asked Sailing Charter Companies from around the world: “Do you require sailing certificates to charter a sailboat as a skipper?” Universally and without exception each Sailboat Charter Company contacted said that experience on a similar sized vessel (documented in a Sailing Resume) is the most important criteria when chartering their sailboats and sailing certificates are not required (Examples are listed below).

At Sail NOLA you can begin building your Sailing Resume on a sailboat similar to those chartered in the Caribbean starting with your First Lesson. We believe that Sail NOLA gives students the best value for their money by immediately developing a significant Sailing Resume demonstrating experience and confidence at the helm of a 36 ft Ocean Cruiser.

Sailing Charter Companies were asked: “Do you require sailing certifications to charter a sailboat as a skipper?”

BVI Yacht Charters (Multiple Caribbean Charters including British Virgin Islands): Certifications are not required. In order to captain one of our vessels we require previous experience on a boat of same or similar size.

Moorings (Multiple Worldwide Destinations): Depending on your sailing experience, you may already be qualified to skipper a Moorings yacht. Simply fill out our online Sailing Resume. Certifications are not necessary.

Ed Hamilton Sailboat Charter Company (Agent for All Caribbean and Virgin Island Charter Companies): Certifications are not required. The principal charterer needs to have skippering experience on a yacht close to the size you are chartering.

Sail Caribe (Multiple Caribbean Charters including Spanish Virgin Islands): We do not require any certifications. Attached is our Sailing Resume form to be filled in by the skipper.

Santa Barbara Sailing Charters (Santa Barbara, CA): A sailing resume is all you need to charter at our facility (no certification needed).

Marina Sailing, Marina Del Rey (Los Angeles, CA): An extensive sailing resume/charter history can take the place of sailing certification.