Your Captain

Captain Frank Jones

Captain Frank is an 18 year New Orleans “native” living with his wife and their daughter in an uptown camelback shotgun. He has obtained five American Sailing Association Certifications, as well as, a Moorings “Captain” designation certifying him to solo sail any boat anywhere in the world. Wishing he had more time to do so, Frank has sailed up and down the coast of California, the Caribbean Islands, in Long Island Sound, on Lake Dillon outside Denver, on Lake Ontario, the Florida Keys, Islas Culebra and Vieques of the Puerto Rico Spanish Virgin islands, and Ranague Cay off the coast of Belize. He currently keeps his Cruiser on Lake Pontchartrain where he can be found chasing the sunset or escaping to the Gulf of Mexico whenever the time and winds allow.

Your Ocean Cruiser

36' Hunter Legend "Float On"

For Private Sailing Lessons you will be trained on our 36 foot Hunter Legend "Float On". Float On is rigged with a rolling furling genoa and a mainsail with two reef points. When under power Float On is equipped with a powerful 27 hp diesel engine. All lines are run into the cockpit for safe and controlled sailing when underway. Float On is an exceptional stabile and very fast cruiser for an exhilarating sailing experience. Float On is also available for Private Sailing cruises. A very stable and comfortable cruiser with plenty of seating and a full private bathroom for quests.  Additional pictures of Float On with sailors sailing and cruisers cruising can be found in our Gallery.

Your Lesson or Cruise

Private Sailing Lessons

We provide private lessons aboard Float On year round, seven days a week, early morning to evening - specifically to fit your schedule. We also provide lessons on your vessel docked in the New Orleans area. Lessons at Sail NOLA will prepare you for your dream sailing adventures. We offer discounts for two person "Private Lessons" and discounts for multiple lesson purchases. Visit our Private Lessons page for details.

Private Sailing Cruises

Sail NOLA also provides individuals and groups the opportunity to relax and enjoy a sail on Lake Pontchartrain with Captain Frank Jones at the helm of Float On. A very stable and comfortable cruiser with plenty of seating and a full private bathroom for quests. An optional catered picnic can be selected from our menu of New Orleans cuisine and beverages. A perfect finish to your perfect day of sailing on Lake Pontchartrain. Visit our Private Cruises page for details.

Lesson/Cruise Combination

Sail NOLA also offers a unique opportunity for you to learn to sail Float On with a Private Lesson then invite your family and friends for a cruise with you as skipper and Captain Frank as your first mate. A perfect way to introduce your family and friends to the world of sailing while developing your sailing skills. Visit our Private Lessons page for details.

Gift Certificates are Available and can be found on our Registration and Forms page.